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As a starting-point I have built this platform with my teaching in mind, I am not trying to cover all Theatre, I am promoting Live Interactive Theatre, I call it Immediate Theatre. I’m hoping to put my teaching methodologies, workshop techniques up on the screen. I teach how to create a respectful ritual of behaviour in the drama room and towards each other building a Healthy Ensemble throughout the year.

Valuable Resource

I am wanting to invite other Theatre Practitioners to offer their workshops so that I will end up building a library of Professional Development workshops from many and varied Practitioners. I hope that you support me in this endeavour and it will grow to become a valuable resource.

Regardless of Geographical Location

My vision for the platform is that Practitioners share their methods of Equitable Teaching Methodologies. Share the ‘Methods’ which in turn creates a high standard of teaching across the board, regardless of the actual classroom’s geographical location.

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Theatre Practitioners Online strives hard to achieve perfection for students as well as Instructors.

As a starting point, I have built this platform with my teaching in mind, I’m hoping to put all my teaching methodologies, workshop techniques up on the screen so the teachers can access it from wherever they are in Australia and maybe the world.

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Yes, you can, some of the free information, blog content, history will be suitable for students but most of the courses are Professional Development for teachers. .

I would be creating a membership style access. There are many models to trial, there is one platform that is out there, that offers free access to a live webinars but once the webinar has finished it is then placed on the site with a pay to watch replay or membership option. Royalties will go to the practitioner and other payments can go to the running costs.
My platform has the option for practitioners/presenters to create their own identity and have a library of their own teachings that would be seperate to others or alternatively all lessons created can be listed under ‘categories' so that teachers searching for subject matter would be able to find a class/training that they are needing, no matter who the practitioner is.

I’m hoping to create an online forum where subjects and practitioners can be approached to offer workshops. Hopefully this would design a website to be very useful being full of useful content requested by the users themselves.
There are platforms out on the Internet that offer the same kinds of service, Kajabi, Udemy, Evergreen Coaching. These platforms list all kinds of teaching, too many categories for my liking. I am wanting to create an exclusive platform for the performing arts and it's disciplines.
I will be promoting the platform using FB and other media, the platform will be a standalone site with login with User Name and Password. Once a member they can comment within each lesson and save time stamped notes (plus many other features).
As far as the quality assurance content, I am a strong believer of pedagogical genealogy, I will always encourage practitioners to announce the origins of exercises, if they are using exercises that they have learnt/gathered from other practitioners, I would insist on acknowledgment  i.e. “This is a Keith Johnson exercise from his book Impro”. “I learnt this exercise whist working under Shiro Dammon Butoh Master”.


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