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Professional Technical Support and Directorial Feedback

“We write in recognition of Tony Kishawi’s skills and contributions to the evolution of our artworks through the availability of the Angry Mime Performance Nights. As independent performing artists from a regional area (The Northern Rivers of NSW), exposure to artistic peers, new audiences and alternative venues is essential for creative growth and professional development”.

“Our duet ‘The Frocks’ has travelled to Brisbane to the ‘Angry Mime’ on several occasions over the past three years since our inception and we gained much from our experiences. It is crucial to try new works before a receptive, willing audience; and this has been created at the ‘Angry Mime’, with professional technical support and directorial feedback (if requested) from Tony”.

“It is such an affirmation to know we have a supportive venue to explore our evolving craft and we thank Tony for his vision and the dedication that has provided this over these years”.

Gabrielle Griffin and Emma Newman “The Frocks” cabaret/comedy duet


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