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Commedia Essentials

Tony Kishawi has distilled the basic essentials for teaching Commedia within a limited rehearsal or school unit timetable. This course will take you through exercises and improvisations that will get results for a small theatre ensemble to grasp the spirit of Commedia del’Arte. Tony is teachings is based on good audience interaction which is the heart of Commedia del’Arte performance.

Course Curriculum

Module One
Finding the Spirit of the Mask 00:00:00
Finding the Spirit of the Mask is the first essential ingredient for initiation into Mask work.
What is the meaning of the term ‘Spirit of the mask’? 10, 00:00
Traditional Moves 00:00:00
The Traditional Moves And Why They Are There (Creating a common movement palette that is the foundation for successful physical improvisation/games)
The Voice Lesson 00:00:00
Finding A Voice For Your Mask (Allow the voice to come from the inspiration of discovering the mask)
The Lineup 00:15:00
The Traditional Moves putting it al togerther (Creating a common movement palette that is the foundation for successful physical improvisation/games)
Module Two
High-Status Characters 00:10:00
High-Status Maskless Characters (How to find the high-status actors in your class, not everyone likes mask work)
Pantalone 00:00:00
Il Doctore’ 00:15:00
The Doctor usually wears an academic graduation cloak with the square flat hat and tassel. The mask is quite particular consisting of simply the nose and forehead.
Il Capitanio 00:20:00
The stance of the Captain is not like the servants at all because he is very upright with straight legs. He struts around like a Shakespearian actor always trying to have the right leg upstage so that the other leg is open towards his audience and taking the audience in with one arm stretched.
Tartaglia 00:15:00
Tataglia is another high-status character that is very old like Pantalone. It is said they have been good friends for a very long time, but Tataglia has a public servant type of mentality. He is often given roles as such in scenarios.
Module Three
The Maskless Characters 00:00:00
Colinbina 00:00:00
Cavalier 00:00:00
La Donna 00:00:00
The Lovers 00:00:00
Pedrolino 00:00:00
Module Four
Master / Servant (Casting insights) 00:00:00
How to create a Classic Commedia Skit 00:00:00
Creating something out of nothing! 10, 00:00
Module Five
The Skeleton Structure 00:00:00
Creating something out of nothing! 10, 00:00
Play back with an outside eye 00:00:00
Final Presentation with an Audience 00:00:00
FAQ's that your students might ask you
Why just seven main characters? 00:00:00
Why are we doing 16th Century stuff? 00:00:00
Why teach Commedia? 00:00:00
Why is Commedia good for high school drama students? 00:00:00

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