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I believe that Tony Kishawi is World Class.

I write this testimonial with regards to the assistance that I have had from Tony Kishawi over the years as a mentor. I am a theatre maker and performer specialising in clown. In 1998 I founded deBASE productions with Bridget Boyle and Robert Kronk and we work to create new theatre for a new audience.

Tony Kishawi has provided me with many invaluable opportunities to develop my skills as an artist since I first worked with him in 2000. The Angry Mime Project was a very valuable performance experience for me when I was first experimenting with clown. It provided a safe environment in which to try out new ideas and to push the relationship between audience and performer to its fullest.

I have also had the opportunity to train with Tony in Commedia, Mime and Clown. His teachings have inspired me and increased not only my understanding of the forms but my love for them. I have studied with some of the greatest teachers and companies in the world such as Philippe Gaulier and Theatre de Complicite and I believe that Tony Kishawi is world class.

I think that Brisbane is very lucky to have Tony Kishawi here as a practitioner. Through sharing his knowledge, skill and vision with so many young people, emerging and established artists, he has created a cultural renaissance in Brisbane and indeed, Queensland. Facebook

Liz Skitch Liz Skitch is an award winning performer, a spirited writer, an accomplished director, an astute producer, a natural comedian and a clown. Skitch works as a freelance artist based in Melbourne.


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