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Word Association Improvisations




Send in the Clowns!

‘Word Association Improvisations’ is a Five-part improvisation series that I have strung together to allow students to find freedom and excellent improvisation in performance whilst working as a team. This work builds strength in an ensemble.

I have repeatedly said that Commedia is very structured, The structure is very important to create a well-rehearsed improvisation.

It is recommended to do these prerequisite lessons are all within the ‘Commedia Essentials’ course.

Five steps within this course:

  • Word association part 1, a simple game to get the brain going
  • Word association part 2, a simple game to get the words connected to the movement (getting them out of their heads).
  • Word association part 3, starting to build a structure to work with.
  • Word association part 4, Last part of the warmups.
  • Word association part 5, putting all together. Adding the masks.

Download PDF workbook. Word Association Improvisations

This workshop process can be completed within an extended drama class, two hours or over two one hour sessions.

This improvisation technique can build comic Skits for groups of three or four using low-status Commedia mask characters.


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