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General comments/questions for the Beta Testers

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    Tony Kishawi

    Here is the place to ask questions and make comments about your experience testing the Theatre Practitioners Online website.



    The website feels like it’s got the answers and material for the course provided. Breaking down the course into smaller videos is really helpful! It’s well structured and provides tools for teachers to borrow and learn from the online course – the little timetable with the tasks and quizzes seems to break down the course into an even more approachable. I personally liked the fact that you can scroll down and the video keeps playing in a smaller window; this makes the page in itself quite practical and teacher-friendly.

    Theatre Practitioners Online can bennefit perhaps from a different font or letter size in some of its pages. Little tittles or headings can help make important sources (like the PDF file of ‘Word Impro Games’, putting that in Bold or underlined would make it easier to find. Headings and more eye-catchy bullet points can make the course description look less like a paragraph on a website and more like an interactive resourceful teaching website. There is lots of useful information and links in this site, just make them reeeeally visible!

    I’ve sent you a word document with an example of a module outline that perhaps helps illustrate my point. Hope you find it useful!

    All the best Tony!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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