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First Zoom video edited Commedia Dell’ Arte as a springboard, how to make it work in the drama class

This the first video played as a talking point for the Zoom meetings.

Zoom session on Wednesday 27th 7pm and again at 10:30 pm (AEST)

Teaching the Teacher Using Commedia Dell’ Arte as a springboard (& how to make it work in the drama class).

In this video Tony talks about:

* Commedia it’s beginnings La Cox, Antonio Fava, Jacques Lecoq, Carlo Mazzone-Clementi the revivalists

* There is no right way there’s no wrong way to teach Commedia.

* What is the best way to teach Commedia in a high school environment.

* It’s all about training the actor actors love training, leBan, Viewpoints and the techniques from the Commedia.

* Ritual of respectful behaviour inside the drama room.

* Ritual of how to start the drama class.

* Don’t say sorry to the teacher say sorry to the class.


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