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How to create and upload a course to the Theatre Practitioners Online website for instructors eyes only.

I have created a ‘How To’ create and upload a course using the online course platform. Please follow the lessons one by one and you will be able to upload your course and Tony will fine-tune the final course as per your instructions.

Please contact Tony if you come across any part of the creation process or any questions at all.

Course Curriculum

Lesson One Details 00:04:00
Lesson one "plan your course", I explain how the course is going to be delivered the layout of how the student progresses through the course. It is best to chop your course into bite-size chunks of about five minutes duration. It is best to create clear lessons with headings that explain what is the content. Use visual aids, like sticky notes to organise your thoughts. If you want something more tacky use Trillo or a simple spreadsheet.
Lesson Two Details 00:02:00
Lesson Two, 'The Video Setup'. Use your phone or any camera at hand. Consider your background and lighting. Position your camera at eye-level. B-role is a fantastic addition. Use a bullet point list when recording each lesson, you can look down at your notes at any time because we can edit it out later.
Lesson Three Details 00:07:00
Lesson Three, Vary The Talking Head Video'. Suggested recording software, Screenflow, Camtasia. To vary the presentation you could use PowerPoint slides we also talk about options for editing and a CTA Call to action, add activities that a student can do straight away and or plan for the next lesson.
Lesson Four Details 00:10:00
Lesson Four, 'Ready For Upload'. Create descriptions of your course create a description for each lesson, export video as an MP4 file and a web M for mobile use. Create a checklist
Lesson Five Details 00:05:00
Lesson Five, 'Review Course Online'. This is where we log in as a student and review the course, making sure that all of the units and elements are operating as you designed them and expect them to be.

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